Thought Leadership

Sustainable definition is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (UN Brundtland Commission, 1987)

Under this definition, three pillars of sustainability (or 3Es) are environmental, social equity and economic.  Alternatively, environment, social and governance (ESG) are also accepted as the three pillars of sustainability.  Yet, these definitions are not universally agreed on and its means and goals are open to interpretation. We perceive sustainability as a task in progress, which targets to improve the quality of the contribution to the human life, and making it the center of all private, public and civil society activities and by embedding economic, social, environmental activities into one.

Sustainability can be a seen as a generic or even confounding topic for most organisations. Yet virtually every organisation is be willing to take step towards sustainability if and when the language is clear and what can be done is understandable.

Sustineo Istanbul aims to lead in translation of the abstract concepts of sustainability into tangible actions for all organisations (businesses, governmental agencies, nonprofit).

We do this by informing, inspiring and helping leaders to integrate sustainability in the core of their operations.

How do we do it at Sustineo Istanbul?

By simply bringing in business intelligence on sustainability concepts, helping to plan for a specific ‘sustainability agenda’ and execute with precision and integrity to ensure a healthy transition and transformation.

To be more specific;

  • We don’t only talk about the problems but give tangible examples of what organisations can do and have done.
  • We do not adopt any framework but instead help to determine which frameworks and structures are the most appropriate for an organisation’s needs (taking into account industrial, geographical, or any other specific dependencies as well as opportunities).
  • We do not offer only planning but more ways on how organisations can execute the plans, in other words, run ‘the Sustainability Agenda’.
  • To do this, we promote that the business modeling should be circular (rather than linear) to embed in all learning and ensure ‘sustainability’ of the Agenda (measurements and processes should be in place to give way to any potential improvements and further planning).
  • We aim for relevance of any discussion introduced should serve the world, the society and the organisations by bringing economic, social and environmental benefits – or in other words, optimising on the ‘triple bottom line’.
  • We believe that the goal of attaining a sustainable organization is possible with intelligence, innovation, leading with values.

The path to sustainability for any organisation is a journey rather that a destination. Therefore practices of early adopters can be exemplary to the extend that they open up the thinking for other organisations and make sustainable practices more understandable for all.

Sustineo Istanbul aims to make this transition easier by informing, inspiring and aiding organisations to define appropriate sustainability practices and opportunities, and to manage this change effectively.