Our role as Sustineo Istanbul is to consult companies in building systems to prioritize, measure, and report what matters 

Once companies define their sustainability targets, it is important to help companies assess where they stand in terms of their targets on sustainability.

With these assessments, companies prepare their medium and long-term strategy and prioritize an action plan.

Is Standardization Sufficient?

One of tools for making sure that companies abide with sustainability principles is to obtain sectoral standardization certificates. While there are various sectoral tools for standardization (such as LEED for green buildings, EPEAT for electronics, Forest Stewardship Council for wood products, organics for produce), they are not likely fully cover the targets of a company, which want to measure sustainability for all stakeholders involved.

Which Measurement System?

In sustainability measurement, companies are likely to go through various analysis on different aspects of ESG (environment, social, governance) analysis. Life cycle assessment (to compare the relative environmental impacts of products), the ecological footprint (to calculate carbon emissions and other sue of natural resources), or SA 8000 (social audit) AA1000 (stakeholder engagement) are some of these measurement systems.

How To Report Your Sustainability Results?

On top of these standards and analysis for sustainability, companies with sustainability strategies would also want to go through reporting of their situation for the attention of their stakeholders. Global Reporting Initiative (for public corporations’ sustainability reports), the General Reporting Protocol and Greenhouse Gas Protocol (for climate-related reporting), CDP (reporting vital environmental information) are examples of such reporting.

What Can Sustineo Istanbul Do For You?

Yet, what is often hard, is to come up with the right assessment and measurement system for the company. It would be waste of significant amount of energy and time for companies trying to decide, which standardization, measurement and reporting system to go through, let alone going through each one of them.

In addition to helping companies build strategic sustainability targets, our role as Sustineo Istanbul is to consult companies in building systems to prioritize, measure, and report what matters.

With in-house team and subject-matter experts in various fields within our ecosystem, we support the companies in all aspects of sustainability measurement and reporting.