At Sustineo Istanbul, we aim to be environmentally, socially and economically regenerative through our media coverage and with specific activities.

In order to create awareness on sustainability, Sustineo Istanbul includes a media platform, with it sub-brand, ‘Sürsün Bu Dünya,  to convey the latest news, reports, best practices, views around sustainability.


Other Media & Events services we offer at Sustineo Istanbul include;


Design and run a tailored sustainability awards event for organisations:

The construct of the event should include below:

→ Have a comprehensive sustainability strategy that covers all of the business operations

→ Meet the specific criteria of the category entered

→ Have measurable evidence

The categories might be as below:

→ Social Impact- aims to solve a social issue while creating shared value for the business.

→ Carbon and energy management – serves to take a holistic approach to measuring, managing and reducing emissions.

→ Waste management – Focuses on projects or products achieving zero waste.

→ Green Construction- Brings forward innovative projects that reduce negative environmental impacts and raise social impact.

→ Supply Chain- Includes initiatives that embed a sustainable approach across a business’ or a product’s integrated supply chain.

→ Collaboration- Brings forward several partners working together for specific sustainable outcomes.

→ Communication of sustainability- Focuses on advertising campaigns with inspiring action on sustainability issues.

→ Leadership – Pronounces leadership who has shown dedication and bravery in progressing a sustainable business agenda.

→ Best Sustainability Report- Focuses on the company that shows transparency and communication to stakeholders in a consistent way.

Bring community and ecosystem together to work together on solutions and strategies for a sustainable world.

Sustineo Istanbul aims to bring business leaders , professionals, academicians, thought leaders , policy makers, NGO’s on the sustainability platform to work together on solutions and strategies for a sustainable world.

Communicate efforts and accomplishments for sustainability.

Communication is vital in maintaining our sustainability efforts in Sustineo Istanbul.

While our website acts as a portal to house information , we believe in circulating our newsletter regular basis.

This newsletter is an additional vehicle to help us to reach our audience.