At Sustineo Istanbul, we believe that sustainability in organisations can be achieved with good planning, integrated execution and effective governance. 


Regardless of where an organization is at its journey for sustainability, we offer our expertise for ‘Sustainability Agenda’ setting. Looking at the general trends and intelligence, we inspire leaders to define vision and goals for sustainability and facilitate creation of a business plan that identifies the relevant issues, risk and opportunities.

The specific initiative areas might include;

  • Stakeholders

→ Identification and assessment of stakeholder community based on level of influence, type, and other relevant criteria

  • Climate strategy

→ Developing strategic business responses to the regulations, risks and opportunities posed by the effects of climate change

  • Supply Chain

→ Evaluating the risks and opportunities throughout the supply chain

  • Innovation & Branding

→ Exploring the opportunity space for sustainable brands, processes and business models by leveraging opportunities and managing risks


Leading for sustainability requires seamless and integrated execution of plans, or in other words, of the Sustainability Agenda. Based on experience from various organisations, we help leaders to develop a strong execution model for sustainability.

Execution modelling services we offer include;

  • Governance Method

→ Evaluating and redesigning governance for sustainability

  • Performance and Management Reporting

→ Evaluating and designing appropriate performance and reporting systems for sustainability

  • Transition & Transformation

→ Planning for moving from existing to desired state for sustainability

  • Intellectual Capital

→ Evaluation of existing skills and mindsets and training, mentoring, coaching for desired intellect


Leading restructuring, transition & transformation can become quite challenging for leaders. An external team that brings in experience, expertise and execution capability would help to make process leaner and more effective.

Governance services we offer are;

  • Advisory Board for Sustainability

→ Setting up of a joint team that monitors execution of the Sustainability Agenda, streamlining and prioritisation alongside with Daily business

  • Interim Chief Restructuring Officer

→ The appointment of an Interim Chief Restructuring Officer provides additional experience and flexibility, whilst allowing existing management to focus on running the business