Mission Statement

Sustineo Istanbul is a social entrepreneurship on environmental, social and corporate governance sustainability to mobilize and support business world, policy makers and communities 

Mission Statement

  • Promoting the right definition of sustainability

  • Increasing public awareness on sustainability

  • Helping companies to take sustainability as the standard practice

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What we believe in: 

The pursuit of sustainability can be complex, challenging, and ultimately beneficial when practiced by corporate, academic, government and non-profit organizations. Role of business is highly critical in this era and sets the norm for the new society, and economic definition.

Sustainability is about;

  • Different way of looking at business:

→ Having deeper sense of purpose in business beyond profitability

→ Developing innovative business models

  • Vision for a new economic system:

→ Pointing out that prosperity and well-being of societies may be different than what the GDP measures

→ Circular economy

  • Leadership:

→ Building trust in leaders who are comfortable with transparency

→ Dedicated to lead with an integral approach to sustainability

  • Power of partnerships

→ Ecosystem

→ Business, civil society, government / regulators, academy alignment

→ Global and local

  • Diversity – Women & youth skills

→ Women nature of nurturing instinct reflected and used in business

→ Youth’s capacity to change the world leveraged       

 Sustainability is NOT about;

 A business model for good days


Pursuing growth and profitability focus at all costs

Policies supporting incremental change for society, environment, economy

Themes around the idea of resource efficiency only