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Sustainability: The Importance of Water Treatment in Businesses

This paper is written by Koç University student, Işık Gökşin, as ‘Sustainability Management Graduate Course’ final requirement.   Background information: It is no exaggeration to say that the world is running out of water resources, and the situation is certain to deteriorate drastically due to the effects of climate change […]


Sustainable Development Goals and Turkey’s Middle Income Trap

United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals that are replacing Millennium Development Goals, were publicised over the UN Summit in New York last weekend. These announcements were important for many working in the development field as they are going to determine domestic and international policies shaping many projects in the field. Yet, […]


C20 Summit held in Bogazici University, Istanbul on September 15-16 brought together participants from 52 countries. The policy recommendations developed by working groups and later refined by national and international consultations, are finalised at the Summit and published as ‘Civil Society has a Say’ under the summit communique. The primary […]

Turkey G20 Presidency at a ‘Year of Sustainable Development ’

Turkey G20 Presidency at a ‘Year of Sustainable Development[1]’ Turkey is leading the G20 presidency during 2015. As any other Presidency, Turkey has a focus and its list of priorities with which it wants to lead its term of Presidency. Its focus is ‘inclusive and robust growth’ while formulation standpoints […]


Leadership Tips for Sustainability Champions

  Once you are aware of the sustainability issues, the change is under way.. It is for sure not an easy big mission.. in an ideal definition, it is one that includes having a ‘fit’ business which creates a positive environmental, social and economic value throughout its value chain.(¹) Do […]


Leverage Points in Turkish Economy

Last week as I was preparing a speech on Turkish economy, I was reviewing the facts for ‘Turkish macroeconomic story’.  Suddenly I realized that I was putting way too much effort into making my version of the story flow.  With the conventional way of looking into Turkey’s investment case, I […]