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Why Us

What differentiates us at Sustineo is;

  • Our diverse background at various corporate cultures and specific roles
  • Our experience
  • Our demonstrated expertise and track record
  • Our long-term leadership and participation at civil society organisations
  • Our eagerness to learn and adopt more innovative and higher impact ways of doing business
  • Our network of subject matter experts to address specific issues
  • Our values
  • Last but not least, our dedication to sustainability


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Dilek Bil


Dilek Bil after graduating from Northport High School in New York, she obtained her BBA degree in International Finance and International Marketing from University of North Texas, in USA.


Dilek Bil emerged into the newly established international banking industry and worked at American Express Bank, Koç-Amerikan Bank, BNP-AK-Dresdner Bank, Societe Generale and held different positions between Jan.1985 -Sep.1993. She was one of the pioneers in introducing various new financial instruments into the banking industry, especially for the finance of the Turkish agricultural products.


In 1994 she co-founded Kangaroo Communications, engaged in brand strategy and advertising. Between 1994-2013 Kangaroo worked with several significant brands in Turkey.


Based on her observation on ill managed gender issues contradicting Turkey’s position as a EU Member candidate, Dilek joined KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurship Association) as a member, board member and later as the President to work on the issue. Her efforts in Kagider focused primarily on advocacy of the gender issue and women empowerment; worked with policy makers, opinion leaders and influencers; organized different conferences, summits, meetings, nationally and internationally with the U.N., U.S. State Department, EU.


Dilek is also a founding partner and current vice president of the Turkish Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association (FODER), where she works closely with the decision makers to establish a national council and create awareness and skill development for generations.


Dilek Bil also worked as a board member of Turkish-British Business Association, a chapter within DEIK (Turkish Foreign Economic Council), in developing and improving economic, cultural and social climate between the two countries. During her term she started ‘Grow with Turkey’ annual summits at the level of Prime Ministers.


In 2012 Dilek has started a sustainability platform ‘Sursun Bu Dunya’ to draw attention to the scarcity of the world resources. To create awareness and to inspire to re-think the future, she started a live TV show on Cnbc-e and hosted 40+CEO's opinion leaders, academicians, NGO representatives.


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Gulin Yucel


Gulin Yucel received her bachelors degree in Political Science and International Relations from Bosphorus University, Istanbul in 1992, followed by an M.B.A. in International Business from CASS, City University in London, U.K between 1993-94. Upon her return to Turkey, Gulin started to work for IBM and held various positions between 1994-2013. She started with client management in general business sector, where she had the chance to develop expertise in various sectors like retail, manufacturing, insurance, banking, and others. She then pursued the role of Territory Services Manager and engaged in development of complex services projects (business consultancy, e-business, business intelligence, CRM, ERP, technology projects) with major clients. In 2003, she joined IBM Global Services Organisation as Business Development Executive and worked with her team to start up Strategic Outsourcing business in Turkey. As the business matured, she took the role of Country Strategic Outsourcing Manager and led successfully until 2009.


During eighteen months of sabbatical between 2009 and 2011, Gulin worked with various customers as a freelance consultant (e-commerce companies as well as traditional businesses) and a project manager for NGOs / Kagider (Goldman Sachs 10K Women Project, US Department of State Invest for the Future Project, IFC Future Women Leaders Project, Worldbank Gender Certificate Project).


In her role in IBM between 2011 and 2012, Gulin worked as Inside Brand Sales & Online Commerce Manager, where she was responsible from seven different business segments primarily for Mid-Market companies as well as B2B commerce with major IBM corporate customers.


Gulin then joined Pronet Security , a leading Turkish electronic security systems company with over 1500+ employees and 150,000+ customers, as General Manager. In this role, she was engaged in running the execution as well as longer term change agenda of the Company. Gulin worked with Cinven (a leading European private equity firm, founded in 1977, with offices in Guernsey, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Luxembourg and Hong Kong and funds of €100 million or more), who owned majority of the stakeholding at Pronet and hence had the chance to see the interactions between traditional stakeholders and investors.


Gulin Yucel, besides a partner at Sustineo Istanbul, is a co-owner in Brika Construction, a visiting professor for graduate management studies at Koc University , a member to Kagider (Women Enterpreneurs Organisation of Turkey) and Keiretsu (global angel investors network).


Gulin Yucel is a certified member of International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP).